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Linking to Nose Club

For those of you whom also love and miss the golden days of Pokémon fansites, here's some neat buttons you can use to link here.

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About Nose Club

It's always been my dream to have my own little webspace, and now it's here! On 10th November 2017 I put Nose Club on the web, and I couldn't be happier.

My goal was to create a place with lots of creative Pokémon content and art-related guides, but my interest in the mechanics of the games led me to make pages on some more technical aspects of Pokémon, too. I have a lot of plans and goals for this place, and I hope I get to share them with everybody.

About Blu

I'm a boy who likes cute things and Pokémon, and I get quite enthusiatic about what I love! I enjoy creating colourful artwork, and my favourite Pokémon of all time is Nosepass. But you probably could have guessed that, right...?

My non-Pokémon interests include being a robot alien (shh) and drinking wonderful amounts of cherry Pepsi. I also love my friends a lot, and every day I make sure they know I appreciate them.