Fancy yourself an expert at puzzles? This page shall contain a selection of Pokémon-related riddles, and a tasty scoreboard for displaying the smartest of Nose Club patrons. Answer any riddle correctly and you'll add points to your score.

To answer the riddles, contact me with your guesses. I'm happy to rule out any wrong answers for you, so don't be shy to reach out and chat!

New puzzles will be added every so often, with a cut-off date for previous Sets announced at least a week in advance. Once a cut-off date has passed for a Set, you can no longer gain points for answering those puzzles.

Answers may be Pokémon species, trainer names, items, particular objects, glitches, particular important numbers or letters, and maybe even songs. Try your best!

You may answers riddles as a team or a group, but each individual person will gain a spot on the leaderboard. Otherwise, try not to spoil the puzzles for other people!

Set #1

Riddle #1-1:
A mother created after its child was born.
Never to be found, but for a special flight.

Riddle #1-2:
You cannot climb it, and it can't be stumped.
You can destroy it, and then you can save it.
And thus, you ascend!

Riddle #1-3:
A cursed island from where the child fled.
An old man, a flight, a name.
Which rune will summon the child once more?

Riddle #1-4:
An impossible purchase.
But now, conversation flows faster than ever.

Riddle #1-5:
She does not rest, she cannot be fought,
but she may yet be soothed by material goods.

Bonus question!
What is the theme of Set #1?

The Almighty Leaderboards

Praise these people for their Pokémon knowledge and puzzle-solving abilities!

Spoodle6 points
Trinket6 points
Team Sand Sibs6 points
sanderidge6 points
Eifie6 points
Sandstone-Shadow6 points
Shiny Phantump6 points
realmcdonners3 points
Clay Vinkoplini3 points
trulyavaporeon1 point

Points are cumulative, so don't give up if you don't have many. Stay tuned for the next Set!

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