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29th April 2023 - Just in time!

An update!? In 2023!? Say it isn't so...!

It is sadly a small update today, but I hope it's still nice to see! There are three new pieces in the Hall of Fame gallery. Feel free to take a look!

Life and circumstances have been keeping me pretty busy - I'll very frequently find myself too exhausted after daily life tasks to even think about being creative. Nose Club is often on my mind, despite all of that. I realised recently that it kind of serves as an archive of the times I was able to overcome my ADHD and general illnesses to make cool stuff, and I think that's pretty neat!

Thank you, website visitor, for still being here, even through all the times where I'm too sick to make anything. I'll keep doing my best.

30th April 2022 - The One Question I Get Asked the Most

Quick and fast update! "Why I Love Nosepass" has been added as a new article. There's also a new addition to the Scrunkly Pokémon page. I hope you find them enjoyable!

18th March 2022 - Fluffy Guidance

Today's latest addition is a guide on constructing and drawing fur. Our first new Art Resource page in a while! My goal is that it hopefully can teach people the fundamentals behind the technique, so you can keep building on the strategies therein and learning even in your own time. :D

I got really distracted recently and started building a new style, too! It currently still needs some work and adjusting (for things like ensuring the tables and lightboxes work properly in it), but you may have a sneak peek at it by clicking this handy dandy link (do note if you're on mobile: it's a large image!). My current name for it will be Pixel style.

Speaking of tables... yeah, I still need to process riddle and crossword answers. 😱 I'll (hopefully soon-ish) be implementing a scoreboard for each individual Riddle Set, so that you can see both the cumulative points (the Big leaderboard) and the individual scores for each Set. Better to keep track more efficiently now, than to experience severe problems later down the line! As always, everyone's patience is highly appreciated. <3

...oh, yeah! We also have a Neocities mirror now! It basically just links to the pages on the main (bluwiikoon.art) version, but its main purpose is so I can connect more with indie webmasters and provide another means of contact as needed. Come say hi if you have a Neocities account!

(while on Neocities, you may also enjoy my new Splatoon fansite!)

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