Welcome to the Nose Club!


21st October 2021 - Unlimited Power

We made it to the new host!! :) And, we now have SSL certification! Now browsers won't complain about Nose Club not being secure, and you can be confident that my elite team of Nosepass is not trying to steal your Pokémon.

HUGE thanks to kyeugh of kyeugh.online for her tremendous help in setting things up on the new host! Without her, we would not have SSL, and I would probably not have gotten things moved over so quickly.

If you notice any weird things with the new host or missing things on the site, please contact me or post in the guestbook about it. Thank you so much for your patience and support!

20th October 2021 - Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Howdy gamers! How is life?

Just a very quick important notice: I'm planning to switch hosts soon, to better suit my needs for my webspace. Did you know that you can make SSL certificates for free, but GoD*ddy's packages limit your admin powers so intensely that you're forced to make an expensive purchase if you'd like full SSL certification for subdomains? I sure didn't either!

If all goes well it should be a smooth switch, but if not, then uhhhh expect some funkiness, and potentially even some downtime. Thank you for your patience!

I would like to promise more things if my ADHD co-operates LOL. Let's see how it goes!

Special thanks to the one person who was really rude to me because my website isn't https (yet) and because they don't like my fanfic. We're fixing things up!

10th April 2021 - Out of the Bag and into the Bag

Hope you all enjoyed the April festivities! The default style is now Nose Style again, and I'm also working on a darker style for accessibility. It will take a while to optimise it and test it, but I hope you look forward to it!

Today's main update is that there's a new article about making scrolling faster in the bag in D/P/Pt, after I noticed a huge speed difference while messing around in my game. I hope it helps someone out there!

1st April 2021 - A True Classic

Happy April, everyone! I'm excited to share Nose Club's new styleswitcher with you! Classic Style will be the default for a little while, and I really hope you'll enjoy it. If Nose Style behaves strangely, be sure to do a hard refresh on your browser and/or clear your cookies for Nose Club!

Additionally, I unearthed a very special account of a haunted Pokémon Emerald cartridge. Please be sure to check out this story, I can confirm it's 100% legitimate and factual. :)

31st March 2021 - Eternal Art Jail

Just a quick note: I fixed a bug that cropped up when I moved around some coding. Essentially, the menu would layer on top of the lightbox galleries in the Artwork section, meaning you couldn't access the "X" button to get out of them. Oh no...!!

The art galleries are safe once again and will no longer trap you. Feel free to enjoy them anytime you like! As for why some coding was being moved around... hmm. :)

As for other things, I've added an update archive, to archive old updates, and I'm slowly combing through all my pages to add publishing dates and do minor updates of outdated information as needed. If anything big gets changed, I'll let you know!

>> (Old update archive)