Crossword #1: Nosepass

Welcome to our first crossword! The theme this time should be fairly simple to figure out, especially since it's in the title itself. And... needless to say, this is inspired by the Cave of Dragonflies' crossword challenges. Big shoutouts!

You're fully allowed and encouraged to use Nosepass reference materials (such as Bulbapedia or certain pages on this site) to help you solve this crossword, as well as googling things. Moves, abilities, locations and Pokémon names are included, with all spaces and punctuation removed. For example, Giga Drain would be "gigadrain". Do you have what it takes to get your Nosepass license?

Copy and paste the crossword to fill it in with your favourite art program, using the clues below it. You can also click the crossword to go to a printable page. Have fun!

Down Across
1) I want to see this! [4] 1) How do you attract friends? [9]
2) Starring: [8] 4) Sneaky pebbles! [11]
3) A danger to all Nosepass. [6] 7) Canonical colour. [4]
5) Sadly, you missed your opportunity to ever learn this. [9] 8) Nosepass only have one of these. [7]
6) A thing Nosepass can learn, and yet a thing Nosepass is not. [5] 9) If you put enough rocks here, Nosepass will want to move in! [6]
10) Originally locked away, but behind what? [9] 11) Where could you originally find a hat? [9]
12) They didn't mean to be offensive! [3] 13) Dapper at last! [3]
15) Sleepy... [4] 14) To perservere, if only for one more turn. [6]
17) Achoo! [9] 16) Pure of heart. [13]
18) With this, there's no need to ever read rude internet comments. [5] 19) How to trap a Skarmory. [10]
  20) This way! [5]

Want some bragging rights? Send your filled-out crossword to me via my twitter or email to have your accomplishment displayed here for all eternity. Thanks for playing!

Certified Nosepass Experts

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