My Artwork

I create many things. These pages collect specific categories of the things I draw and write, for your viewing pleasure.

  • My Sugimori-Style Imitations - Pokémon's official art is iconic, in both its watercolour and digital art styles. This gallery showcases my attempts to imitate these styles.
  • That Time When I Drew Everything With Rainbows and Transparency - Hmm, this one probably speaks for itself? Rest assured, this page contains many colourful images.
  • Nosepass Type Variants - Ever wanted to see how Nosepass would look as a Fire-type, or perhaps a Flying-type? I've got you covered!
  • Scrunkly Pokémon - Small, cute Pokémon graphics, drawn in a style that one could describe as "scrunkly". They are rather endearing!
  • The Hall of Fame: My Best Artwork - A collection of my finest and favourite drawings! Anything I consider super good that doesn't fit into my other gallery collections will be displayed here.
  • Fanfic: pcb0000 - Solve the mystery of pcb0000!
  • Fanfic: Legendaries of the Present World - A series of short stories about legendary Pokémon enjoying life and spending time with humans.
  • Fanfic: Despite Everything - An extra story set in the "Legendaries of the Present World" universe. As Mewtwo struggles to entertain himself in his empty home, he reminisces on just how much his trusted friend means to him, and how much personal progress he's made in his life.
  • Fanfic: Find Your Way - An aggressive flock of Zubat proved to be too much for his poor Aron. Without his companion, a young boy must figure out how to leave the pitch-black cavern without alerting any more wild Pokemon.

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