Nosepass Type Variants

Please note that this is all merely fan-made designs and worldbuilding, and is in no way canon to the real Pokémon games. With that said, please enjoy my gallery!

On a fundamental level, all Pokémon adapt to their environments and evolve to suit them. It then comes as no surprise that more and more variants of various Pokémon are being discovered.

Many scientists theorise as to why this phenomenon is becoming increasingly common, whether it be due to shifting climates in the Pokémon world, ethereal energy from Ultra Wormholes, or perhaps simply due to more and more new regions and areas being discovered. Regardless, one particular Pokémon noted to have these extreme variants is the humble yet hardy Nosepass.

Click on the images below to view more information about each variant of Nosepass, as our team tirelessly studies them.

Our scientists are aiming to have a complete guide to every Nosepass variant, but capturing and cataloguing them all will take some time. We appreciate your patience, and hope you will join us in wishing our field researchers the best of luck!

Page originally published on 13th May 2020.
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