Top REAL Nosepass Facts You Just Won't Believe!

Nosepass is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago. Even it has happened in 2012, but some of the public still curious about what is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about their nose. At that time they became the massive social networking rumor.

As such, these are the top Nosepass facts of ALL TIME, chosen lovingly by our panel of experts. The things you learn may surprise you!

  • Nosepass is a Rock-type because it is made out of rock.
  • Nosepass' name is thought to come from the words "nose" and "compass", but it came out recently that it is actually the name their father gave them. We were unable to reach Nosepass' father for comment.
  • Nosepass are known to only face north, but only after people assumed that they couldn't face any other direction. Nosepass worldwide felt too awkward to correct them, thus they continue the charade so as not to upset anybody.
  • Nosepass' nose is so sensitive that it can smell in 3D. It can also smell metaphysical things like time, ghosts, and the feeling you get when a webpage asks to collect information about you.
  • The Magnet Pull ability that Nosepass has is so potent that they can magnetically open the fridge from where they're sitting and summon a can of juice to drink. Amazing!
  • After the events of 2007, Nosepass no longer makes public appearances but continues to fight crime. Members of the press who approach Nosepass during their work often wake up in a pocket dimension, never to be seen again.
  • Nosepass can create wi-fi, but they can also take wi-fi away. Always remember that you are at Nosepass' mercy.
  • Nosepass can eat their own body weight in ice cream, but they're working very hard to burn off the calories. It is unknown if rock-based creatures like Nosepass can actually gain weight, but their efforts are inspiring!
  • Despite the best efforts of the system, Nosepass keeps deleting tuition fees for students and nobody can stop them.
  • Whenever you write a nasty comment about Nosepass, do be advised that Nosepass knows your location.
  • Luigi and Nosepass are extremely good friends, and are often seen drinking juice at local cafés. When asked to comment on their relationship, Luigi said "Luigi!".
  • Nosepass can evolve into Probopass, but it is theorised that if they did so their power would be so great as to consume the entirety of reality as we know it. However, many millennials and younger generations welcome this outcome, stating that succumbing to the reality of nose would be far better than continuing to suffer under capitalism.
  • Nosepass willingly sacrificed their spot in Pokémon Sword and Shield so that a lesser-fortunate Pokémon could take their place. Please never forget that Nosepass died for you.
  • Nosepass died but then they were ok.
  • Good friends of Nosepass may get to experience Nosepass' cactus collection! They only began to collect plants recently, but word is that they are thriving.
  • Nosepass occasionally does car commercials in Japan.
  • Nosepass' nose is so big, it's full of secrets.
  • One time, Nosepass punched me in the face. It was AWESOME.
  • It is said that Nosepass never opens their eyes because they have the power to see the exact moment a person will perish.
  • Nosepass regularly extinguishes fires at orphanages, and additionally donates many batches of food thanks to their hobby of baking.
  • All Nosepass and Vaporeon are friends and nobody can figure out why. It's rumoured that both species made a sacred pact many millenia ago, and that to harm either species would bring down the full fury of the other.
  • Nosepass doesn't wash their hands because they don't have hands. However, they routinely sanitise their whole body by jumping into a bonfire. This may also be a part of their strict secret training regime.
  • If you are a kind, loving person, Nosepass will always be on your side. Please be good to the people you meet.

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