My Sugimori-Style Imitations

Most of the official Pokémon images, particularly prior to the fifth generation, are attributed to one man: Ken Sugimori. His watercolours of the first and second generation and his digital illustrations of the third generation and beyond are part of what make Pokémon so recognisable.

Thanks to advanced art programs it has also become quite simple to imitiate Sugimori's styles, and to create artwork that could pass as official Pokémon art to an unknowing viewer. This is also why it's very important to confirm the sources of the Sugimori art you find on Google, since some people do incredibly good imitations!

Below is a gallery of the Sugimori-style imitations I have created, of both the original watercolour style and the modern digital style. A lot of the subjects are Pokémon, but there's also some fakemon and original characters.

Click on the thumbnails below to view the lightbox gallery, with extra information and commentary on each piece. You will need to have Javascript enabled.

"Watercolour" Style

Digital style

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