Update Archive

These are prior updates to this site, conveniently archived to save space on the front page. For the latest updates, be sure to check the main page as needed. Thanks!

16th February 2021 - Absolutely Legendary

Hey howdy hey! Today I've added my new fanfic series to this website, Legendaries of the Present World. If you like short reads about Pokémon being treated nicely and given pets, why not give it a try?

To everyone who's submitted answers to the Riddles, I'm super proud of you! Keep trying your best! ^^

6th February 2021 - The Fun Has Just Begun

Howdy gamers! Today there is a new Fun Stuff category. I've moved the Crossword and the legitimate Nosepass facts there already, but there's also a new Riddles page! Do be sure to check it out and challenge yourself if you have the time. :D

I'm also working on some other Nose Club things. See you soon!

4th February 2021 - It's 2021 already!?

Time really flies while you're in a pandemic, am I right? I'm sure everyone can relate to the feeling of being a bit less motivated and less able to be creative due to the circumstances. I will keep trying my best, though!

A whole year after I wrote about it, I finally got prescribed some ADHD medication. I'm hoping this will help me to do more of the things I want to do, like writing nice pages for this website :D

For now, I've implemented some very small layout fixes and have hopefully made life slightly easier for mobile viewers. Hopefully more stuff to come!

13th May 2020 - Nobody knows about these Noses

They're finally here, and about time too! My collection of Nosepass variants is now available, with some tasty info pages and worldbuilding if that strikes your interest. :D According to file timestamps, this has been in the works since around 2018? Oof...

Special shoutouts to the new friends I've made on TCoD forums and Thousand Roads for keeping me motivated. I hope I can add more new pages before too long!

8th May 2020 - Boxed Secrets!

Hope everyone is having a good May so far! I've done some digging and uncovered some very interesting lost content in Sword and Shield. If you're interested in unused box backgrounds, be sure to check out my page on SW/SH boxes! There's a lot of very cool secrets behind 'em!

Since it's not strictly game mechanics, I'm putting it under "Articles" on the menu.

1st April 2020 - Factual Information

Happy April! How about ringing in the new month with some tasty new REAL Nosepass facts? They're guaranteed to shock and awe! Witness, new, never-before-seen Nosepass information that you cannot find anywhere else! Subscribe!

I contained several HG/SS legendaries in Friend Balls (even the roaming Latios!), but then Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX was released and my life was absorbed by that. Who can blame me when I can play as Nosepass?

1st March 2020 - Apricorn aesthetics

In revisiting gen 4, I accidentally started an experiment whilst trading things. Now, you too can learn just how Pokémon caught in Apricorn balls interact with Sinnoh-based games. If you care about matching Poké Balls to Pokémon as much as I do, this could help you avoid panic and despair.

I managed to catch Entei and Raikou in Friend Balls, and then I learned that HG/SS have an additional roaming Pokémon in Kanto. Oof! (It's been ten years and I never got that far in HG/SS until now. The things I do for friendship...!)

31st December 2019 - End of the Decade

Happy new year, everybody!

[Image: A Spewpa spreading around confetti and wearing a nice party hat.]

Late this year I got diagnosed with ADHD, which explains a lot of things about my life and how I struggle with daily tasks and hobbies. Immediately in the new year I'm gonna hopefully be on the road to recovery, so I'll keep doing my best! I hope the year ahead will bring about many positive things for all of you, and I also hope everyone with Sw/Sh is enjoying that! For a game without Nosepass, I know I'm having a lot of fun with it. :D

18th May 2019 - Interactivity

We now have a guestbook and a crossword! Now you can say words and do puzzles. :D I'm not sure how difficult the crossword is, but I hope you enjoy it regardless.

6th May 2019 - New Leaf

Good grief it's been a while! Since the last time I've unfortunately lost my old laptop with my old files, but at the very least I have a backup of all my Nose Club things. Needless to say, I've been very very busy (and perhaps a teensy bit prone to distraction). My apologies for all the dead air!

For now, I've updated the Trainer Leaf page with an addendum. I want to keep the original page as it is, but I also felt that updating with some of the new Leaf-related things was a really good idea.

I want to really thank the people who have sent me extremely nice emails about Nose Club. ^^ I couldn't access my emails for a while (due to ISP shenanigans) and felt that replying out of the blue would be a bit awkward, but it means the world to me to see people enjoying my content. I'll keep doing my best!

Plans are brewing... things are happening (hopefully)...!

7th July 2018 - Determined values

My Gold/Silver/Crystal shiny breeding guide has now had a big overhaul! Thanks to Deoxys911 for emailing me some vital info. :D It should now be simplier than before to use it to hatch a shiny Pokémon, and easier to understand just how the breeding and genes work. I'm really excited about this one!

27th April 2018 - A new page!!

I've been working on this one for a while! Say hello to my Sugimori-style imitations. This has been planned as a page ever since I made the Sugimori watercolours tutorial, so I'm very pleased to have it go live! Other than that, I've been doing a little housekeeping on all the pages, just to clean up stray typos and reword one or two things. Everything is sparkly and clean and lemony fresh!

26th April 2018 - Category hubs

Life sure gets busy when you least expect it to! I may actually be moving to a new house soon...! Regardless, the categories now link to handy little hub pages. I hope this helps make things a little more accessible for people on varied devices.

25th December 2017 - Very merry and shiny

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! Another guide has been added to the Mechanics category, this time regarding shiny hunting the new Ultra Beasts in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The page naturally contains spoilers, so tread wisely!

Other than that, I'm working hard to get some pages finished for the Artwork and Freebies categories, and I'm also planning to make the categories themselves link to index pages of sorts. Not even the festive season can stop me...! (Hopefully!)

22nd December 2017 - Photo editing and Premier Balls

Greet! I'm pleased to inform you all that Ultra Moon is very fun and I enjoyed it a lot. In light of that, I have two new guides for you that are relevant to US/UM: first is my guide for removing JPEG artifacts from Alola Photo Club pictures, which also has sections on making a smooth upscale of them. The second is my infinite Premier Ball trick, which also happens to work in Sun/Moon. I hope they help!

Additionally, since I have ideas for other game-related sections I could make, I've added a new category to this site's menu for Pokémon game mechanics. Now things are extra tidy around here! The Premier Ball trick is located under that section now, as well as my page for hatching Shiny Pokémon in G/S/C.

17th November 2017 - Guides and art

As always, I'm working hard. However, since I now have Ultra Moon, that may change for a little while... aaaahh!!

Since the last update, I've added pages on how to emulate Sugimori's gen 1 style, the time where I drew everything with rainbow goop, and a guide on hatching shiny Pokémon very easily in Gold/Silver/Crystal, complete with a filterable egg group chart. Enjoy!

13th November 2017 - Filling the site with content

I'm working extremely hard!! There's now four new pages to enjoy: an article on how Pokémon changed my life, theories about Leaf (the female protagonist of FireRed/LeafGreen), a page about why keeping Pokémon art blogs safe-for-work is a good thing, and finally, a tutorial for making your art transparent in Paint Tool SAI.

12th November 2017 - Actual pages!

Over the course of the 10th and 11th, I've been working on some pages for this place. The first one is some very true and unbiased Nosepass facts, the second is an article on how every Pokémon is important, and finally there's a page on organising your files, which should come in handy if you're an artist. Check 'em out!

I've also been slowly tweaking the layout as I've been working. I'll keep doing my best!

10th November 2017 - The Nose Club is born!

Today I made the site and put a lot of effort into the layout. I hope you'll all enjoy it!

I'm gonna keep working hard on the content and make this into the website I've always dreamed of having.