Scrunkly Pokémon (Adoptables)

In March 2022, I began to draw cute Pokémon in small canvases (96x96 pixels, to be precise). For lack of a better term, I called them scrunkly Pokémon. The world has never been the same since. Now, you can enjoy them here, too!

You may use these drawings for decorative purposes (i.e. web design, toyboxes, icons, forum signatures, etc) as long as you link back here. For more information, check out my Terms of Use!

Latest additions: [Special Edition] Trans Pride Palkia

Planned additions (click to show) Beedrill, Volcarona, Togekiss, Cranidos, Espeon, Druddigon, Flaaffy, Porygon, Porygon2, Porygon-Z, Arcanine, Dodrio, Spinda.

[Abra] [Hypno] [Torchic] [Sableye] [Aggron] [Flygon] [Kecleon] [Leafeon] [Weavile] [Mega Audino] [Skiddo] [Alolan Marowak] [Lurantis] [Galarian Ponyta]

Special Edition Scrunklies

On rare occasions, special holographic scrunklies may be added. They, too, can be enjoyed on this page!

[Trans Pride Palkia]

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